This Will Surprise You, Mom's Should Read This!

This Will Surprise You, Mom's Should Read This!

Moms to be I would like to talk to you about the age old myth about eating for 2 when you are expecting.. did you know that it is not required to eat for 2 when you are pregnant.. in fact eating for 2 can cause unnecessary weight gain which can in turn be harmful for the baby.


Your main focus needs to be on ensuring that you are eating the right mixture of fruits, vegetables, low fat or fat free dairy, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

fruit dish

  • Your 1st trimester extra calories are not necessary.
  • Your 2nd trimester you might want to add an additional 150-200 calories to your daily intake or less and by the 3rd trimester you want to increase your daily intake to 400 additional calories from the 1st Trimester.

Keep in mind that stating hydrated is also important. Your main goal during your entire pregnancy is making sure that everything you do is in the best interest of your unborn baby. Please remember to consult with your Physician anytime during your pregnancy to address any questions or concerns you may have.